Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Yesterday I did one of my lean-to maintenance hikes. I needed a walk in the woods. The lean-to I tend is a bit over 4 miles in and I also tend a camping area a short walk beyond the lean-to.

There was very little trash but some people insist on "going" in the woods rather than use the privy. Unfortunately they don't bury it. Picking up their used TP is quite disgusting even though I take disposable rubber gloves. The lean-to survived the winter with no noticeable damage. I sharpened the pencils that are in the zip-lock bag with the register and swept it out then wandered up to Scott Clearing to police the camping area by the old logging dam. The water was surprisingly low. On my way back out I stopped at Rocky Falls and ate my sandwich at that lean-to. There were dozens of new toads there, all about the size of a fingernail. I took several photos of the rocks including the one above. The toads were too small for a good photo.

On my way home I stopped at Mountain Pond and paddled around it in my canoe for about 90 minutes. I had the pond to myself. There were 2 tents on the shore but no people in sight. My only company was a pair of loons that eyed me from a respectful distance. It was a nice day.

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