Saturday, December 09, 2017

Seasons Greetings

Several years ago I photographed the sculptures on either side of the entrance to a cemetery om Ellenburg, NY. The one on the left of the gate depicts Hope, looking up and away with an expression of tentative expectancy. The sculpture on the right of the gate is labeled Faith but both were made of concrete which did not fair well over years of acid rain. The surface has been eaten away and the aggregate is prominent on both but Faith has fared the worst. Sections of the face have fallen away leaving a grotesque visage.

I see symbolism in these sculptures. Of the two emotions, faith is the more fragile, the one more easily destroyed. We are in such a time. Our faith in our institutions and the people who run them are under attack as well as our faith in each other. For a significant number of us, this has resulted in a retreat to tribalism, a turning inward to those we still see as being “like us” and against the "other". Sadly this distorts hope. It turns hope for a better, more just and equal world into hope for power over others who we feel threatened by. Hope remains but it is diverted and becomes negative.
My hope for this holiday season, regardless of your race, religion, gender and all the other “differences” we label each other with, is that your hope remains positive for peace on Earth, goodwill to men and that you are able to resist the corroding influences that damage your faith in your fellow humans. I wish you joy and peace.
Happy Holidays to all