Thursday, April 26, 2018

Busy, busy day

I played delivery boy today, taking 4 of my own works to the Paul Smiths VIC for SAMFEST, two others as entries in the Northwind Gallery juried show and to Northwind entries for my friend Ron Larsen. I swung over to LPCA to see the current show there and revisited the "Maya" sculpture by Linda Howard that is in the overflow parking area across the street. That is the photo above. The other 3 are at Barnum Pond. Then I came home to work on piling 4 tons of wood pellets into the storage bin om the back of the garage. A day in the life of an artist.

Monday, April 23, 2018

A Busy Time of Year

It seems like all the juried and invitational shows in my area happen in the spring. I just picked up work from one that closed on Sunday and this week I have two others to deliver work for, plus the deadline for the Saint Lawrence County Arts Council members show is looming as is the deadline for submissions to next year's calendar. At least it actually is spring now. It was still snowing most of last week, not much, but enough to make one wonder if it was ever going to stop. The sun came out on Saturday, the thermometer has been reading 60s and most of the snow is gone most places except in the mountains.

When I went to Saranac Lake on Sunday to pick up work from the closed show there was still snow on the summits so I did a side trip to get this photo of Whiteface Mt from Norman Ridge. I had made another photo from almost the same spot last year but there was no snow on the mountain. I like this one better. I haven't made any prints yet but I will. Reminder: I sell prints. I can print this one up to 12x24 myself. Any larger I'd have to send out. If you want a print of any photo on this blog, email me. The color version is below. I'm not sure which I like better.

Below are a few other photos from Barnum Pond yesterday.