Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mowing lawn today. I left the patches of 'volunteer' daisies, two of which are shown here. Diane grew daisies from seed many years ago and they went wild, popping up in the yard wherever their seeds fall each season. I mow around them until the flowers fade then mow over them the rest of the summer.

As I was mowing Gus (our other dog) started barking at the UPS man who stopped out front to bring me a Father's day gift. Gus is a nice dog but not a buddy like Ace was. Ace went out when I worked in the yard to follow me around and sit by me when I took a break from my chores. Gus' motive in going out with me is that it is an opportunity to harass the local chipmunk population and dig holes for me to fill in. I miss Ace.

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