Sunday, April 27, 2014

Full Moon Setting

Once again I have been delinquent about posting. The truth is I haven't been doing a lot of photography. Here in NNY we are in what is commonly known as 'mud season', after the snow melts but before the greens of spring start. Generally speaking the landscape is rather dismal. I did shoot this photo of the full moon  setting one morning shortly after the "Blood Moon" eclipse which we couldn't see here due to overcast. The sun is just peeking over the horizon behind me, enough to lend a lavender hue to the clouds which are mostly still in the Earth's shadow. Dawn and dusk photos of the moon are easier than night time ones because the sky and moon are closer in tone. The moon of course is in full daylight, only about one stop less bright than full sun exposure of subjects on Earth.

The weather is promising spring so hopefully I'll be getting more photos to post soon. If you wish to share this post and/or photo please point your friends here. Do not repost without permission.