Sunday, July 09, 2017

WayBack Sunday: I have been looking over my Lightroom catalog from when I first began using digital regularly with a 4MP Olympus camera. This is from the spring of 2002, a photograph of Roaring Brook Falls as seen from Rt 73.
The original JPG color version was never printed because it was flat. I realized looking at it today, that at that point I was still shooting as a B&W photographer, which was the way I had seen the world up until then, but I didn't know then how (or have the tools) to manipulate digital images the way I did with film. This morning I changed it to monochrome and then modified the tones that way I would have a print from B&W film. Then it came to life for me.
I tend to keep exposures that a lot of photographers I know would delete in a first edit of a shoot but I find that some images require a second or even third look with fresh eyes, even if it is years later.

Click on the image to see it larger. I plan to continue my review and updating of old images from 2002 forward. I will post them here as the review continues.