Friday, February 01, 2019

Ice Palace in Saranac Lake 2019

I go to see the Ice Palace in Saranac Lake most years. They build one every year for the winter carnival. I had planned to go in conjunction with delivering some photos to a B&W show in Lake Placid in the latter half of next week but they are forecasting 40°+ and rain early in the week. That could wreak havoc with the Ice Palace so I decided to go now.

My favorite photo from today is the one above, a detail looking through the ice blocks. I shoot a number of such views every year, often of water weeds trapped in the ice but this year the ice is unusually free of water weeds probably as a result of dredging that happened over the summer in the area where they cut the ice blocks.

 The front entrance of the "Prehistoric Park" themed ice palace. There are some neat beasts inside carved from ice and thrones for the carnival king and queen with huge bones on either side.
 A panorama of the back section which is a small maze.
 The two below are of some broken ice blocks along the lakeshore in back of the Palace. I liked the way the sun shone through then and the patterns they made.