Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ten Years & Four Days Ago

When the Paul Smiths Visitor Interpretive Center was still run by the state they had a series of "Challenges". The challenges consisted of completing a series of hikes in areas other than the High Peaks. The purpose was to draw some hiking traffic away from the High Peaks which were suffering from overuse and to encourage hikers to discover the other delights offered by the Adirondacks. I participated in the first challenge and today's photo was made on a snowshoe hike up Goodnow Mt. on Jan. 14th, 1993. I scanned the negative in one of the recent batches of scanning and this is the first time this photo has been seen by any one but me. It was a beautiful day with the lingering aftermath of a fresh snowfall. I broke a snowshoe harness and completed the hike sans snowshoes. You wouldn't guess from the photo but there was only about 4" of snow so the lack of snowshoes wasn't really a problem.

Photo made on B&W 120 film using a Fuji GS 645 camera, a folding model that I could carry in my coat pocket and did on several hikes back then.

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