Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Archiving Film

I've been scanning my old B&W negatives for a while now and in the process found a few that I liked but for some reason had never done anything with. This is one. It was a 35mm negative that I made on a winter trip up Azure Mt. on the Blue Mountain Rd. near Santa Clara & St. Regis Falls. The wave was created by wind blowing around the snow that was on a fallen tree trunk.

I was prompted to scan this particular roll of film because I had entered another photo from the roll in a show at the Paul Smiths V.I.C. and they wanted a digital copy to put on their website. Except for two, all of the photos in that show were made on film. If you are in the area of Paul Smiths stop in, check out the show and take your skis or snowshoes. They have an excellent set of trails to explore.

Below is another photo from that roll of film. I did make a silver print of this one once in my darkroom.

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