Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mt VanHoevenberg Sunrise

On Tuesday I got up at 2AM, drove to the Mt. VanHoevenberg trailhead by 4 and hiked up to the summit to take some photos at sunrise. The spring foliage wasn't as far along as I hoped but it was a nice hike anyway. Between the early hour and it being mid-week I had the mountain to myself for the entire trip even though I took my time coming back down. On the trip back down the mountain I shot lots of spring wildflower photos. I shot enough Purple Trillium photos that I never need shoot another as long as I live (but I'm sure I will) and even spotted one rare Creme Colored Trillium seen here.

After getting back to the trailhead I wandered down Rt. 73 to shoot more spring color. A selection of the photos can be seen at my web album page.

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