Thursday, March 01, 2007

More VanHoevenberg...

As I said yesterday, the light was flat and not particularly photogenic. This was shot with an 11mm lens on my Canon 10D and shows the view across the valley South of Mt. VanHoevenberg. Along the horizon (distance exaggerated by the wide-angle lens) from left to right are Mt. Marcy, Gray Peak, Redfield, Colden, Avalanche Mt., Algonquin, Wallface, McNaughton, Santanoni, Street and Nye. Click on the photo for a larger image. All the photos in this blog are available in larger size by clicking on the small one.

Mt. VanHoevenberg is a 4.4 mile round trip in summer from the South Meadow road trailhead. The South Meadow road is not maintained in winter so that adds roughly another ¼ mile to the round trip. It involves only about 500 feet of ascent so it is a very easy day hike.

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