Friday, October 12, 2018

Autumn Color and a New Trail - Part 2

My second hike on Wednesday was on the new Mt Van Hoevenberg trail from the Olympic Bobsled Run area. This trail opened in time for the Columbus Day holiday but isn't actually complete yet. The trail crew that I talked to said it would take another season to finish their work but it is passable now and will be excellent when they finish hardening all the low areas with stone and fill. Above is a five frame panorama of the summit view. Be sure to click on it to see it 1200 pixels wide.

I have hiked Mt Van Hoevenberg several times before via the trail from South Meadow (2 miles one way). That trail is sometimes difficult due to beaver activity flooding part of the trail. The new trail (1.75 miles one way) will avoid that and there is plenty of parking, unlike the old trail. Either way, the views across Klondike Brook toward the High Peaks is spectacular, one of the best summit views in the Adirondacks.
Below - a couple of photos from along the trail

The main overlook area. There are several.

Looking toward Mt Marcy

Looking down

Mt Colden and Avalanche Mt

Klondike Brook

One of these days I have to find out if Klondike Brook is canoeable. The part that goes by South Meadow is pretty shallow so it may not be.

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