Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adirondack Marsh

Another photo from my last ramble in the Adirondacks, a marsh along Rt. 56 between Colton and Sevey's Corners. I learned several years ago the difference between a marsh, a bog and a swamp. This is a marsh because it has open areas of water as well as hummocks of marsh grass. A bog has spongy vegetation, grasses, mosses, pitcher plants and other plants that like 'wet feet' but not open water. A Swamp has trees in a wet area. You can find all three in the Adirondacks but swamps are most likely the result of beaver dams in my experience. I like bogs for macro photographs of plants but marshes and swamps offer interesting reflections on the open water.

Canon 7D, ISO 400, 160th @ f/11 handheld.

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