Saturday, April 07, 2012

I went wandering in the mountains yesterday, a tour by car, no hiking. I wanted to find the trailhead for McKensie Mt. for a hike later this year. It turns out the trailhead isn't marked. You have to know where it is and the trail register box is part way up the trail. I did learn where to look so I'm all set when I decide to climb it.

I shot two rolls of medium format B&W and about the same number of digital photos. I thought I might send the film off to be processed but I checked several places online when I came home and found that it now costs $8-15/roll just for developing, no prints. I don't want prints and I have the tanks to develop my own but my chemicals are old so I guess I'll be buying some new chemicals. I'll have to mail order them. No one locally carries them anymore.

The photo is a common view of Whiteface from the road between Lake Placid and Wilmington. Made with my Canon 7D and a polarizer.

P.S. I highly recommend David duChemin's post to his blog today. Link below.

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