Sunday, March 06, 2011

Winter Returns

We had temperatures in the mid to high 40s yesterday, much of the snow melted and I briefly entertained thoughts of spring. This morning was another story. It began snowing early and they forecast 4" during the day. We had a bit over that before noon. Fortunately it stopped but more is forecast for tonight, much more, Possibly 14" more. I went out and bought some more gas for the snow blower.

While I was out in the weather I took my camera along to see what I could find. I re-found this tree. It has been featured on this blog before in a B&W diptych that I shot with an old Voightlander Vitessa L, and I have photographed it several other times as well. This time I shot an overlapping cluster of images with a Canon G10 that I then assembled into a digital montage. I think I will repeat the process in spring, summer and fall to create a "Tree with galls" series.

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