Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Should Have Washed That Window

I put the storm windows on rather late this year and in my hurry to get it done I didn't wash the windows first. Darn!

This afternoon a pair of deer wandered into the yard to munch on the remains of dead plants sticking up through the snow. I'm not a wildlife photographer but when it waltzes into my yard and poses I'd be a fool to pass it up. I watched this doe and fawn for 10-15 minutes as they wandered and fed on dead plants and seeds that were on the ground under the bird feeders. Most of the views are cluttered with shrubs, fence and the bird feeder post but as they were leaving they stopped in the side yard for mom to clean junior's face. They realized I was watching them and looked toward me for one last photo with a nice clear background.

Photo taken with my Canon G10. I had to do some burning in where white film on the window made light spots but for a serendipitous photo through a dirty window, it's not half bad. Thank you deer for gracing my day with your presence.

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  1. Wonderful photo - amazing that you took it thru a window. It feels like you are in a hide away in the middle of nowhere and secretly capturing nature's beauty.

  2. I love this. It's so well framed. Nice job of taking the gift that was the moment and preserving it for others to enjoy.