Saturday, July 17, 2010

Anniversary & Project

Seventeen years ago today I finished climbing the 46 Adirondack High Peaks on Esther & Whiteface. The weather that day was not as nice as when I shot the above summit photo on the 15th anniversary. Three years from today I plan to redo the hike as a 20 year commemoration.

Yesterday we laid bamboo flooring in our bedroom. I started by hand nailing it. I had Diane drilling pilot holes so we wouldn't split the tongues on the bamboo. I hand nailed and set the nails with a nail set but that took way too long. After 4-5 courses I went to the hardware store and rented a pneumatic flooring nailer to hook up to my compressor. That went a lot faster but it needed to because the nailer was reserved for tomorrow and had to be returned by 5:30. Because of the way they are configured a flooring nailer can't do the first 2-3 courses or the last 3-4 courses. I finished what I could do with it just in time to return it before the store closed then I came home to finish the remainder by hand. I got it all done and cleaned up all my mess and tools at 8PM, a very tired carpenter. It looks nice though.

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