Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bloodroot Revisited

Today I went back to Stone Valley to check on the bloodroot. They still were not open so I walked down the trail for a while and photographed some other things, waterfalls, rock textures and the like. While I was walking the trail the sun broke through and when I got back by the bloodroot patches at the trail's start the blooms were beginning to open.

I posted some bloodroot photos last year in May and because I am photographing very close with extension tubes the pictures make them look large. For those who have never seen them I should mention that the actual bloom is only 1 to 1¼ inches across. The leaf (one per plant) comes up on a separate stem from the blossom and is folded around the bud and bud stem. They unfold later. It gets its name from the red sap that comes from the stem if you pick it, which you shouldn't do. Like trillium they are endangered plants. I found this one peeking out from under a log.

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