Friday, September 12, 2008

There Should Be Outrage

I hear this morning that the Associated Press has objected to the McCain campaign's distortion of things they reported about the Obama campaign. What the McCain campaign did was to cut & paste words and phrases from articles in the same manner an extortionist clips words from a newspaper and glues them in a different order and then plugged them into TV ads to give the impression that AP was saying something about Obama that it did not. A search of the headlines on-line this morning however reveals that AP's protest was apparently low key as there is virtually no mention of it. There should be outrage. In distorting their words to discredit Obama McCain has also discredited the veracity of the AP.

For a candidate who pledged at the start of the campaign to stay positive and deal with issues, the recent ads run by McCain are shameful. If a candidate will lie and cheat to get into office, how can we trust that person to be honest and trustworthy in office?

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