Tuesday, July 29, 2008

15th Anniversary - ADK 46er

On the 17th of July I observed the 15th anniversary of completing the Adirondack 46 High Peaks by driving up the Memorial Highway to the summit of Whiteface Mt. For the original ascent of course, I climbed on foot including an ascent of Esther on the way and I considered repeating the climb for the anniversary but I really wanted to take my cameras and large tripod. I couldn't see carrying 25+ pounds of gear in a backpack so I postponed the re-climb until the 20th anniversary at which time I hope to have a party of sorts on top. I'll have some of the invited guests drive the photo gear up and meet me at the summit for that trip. :-)

Meantime I did shoot a lot of photos including a panorama of the summit (above) that I just got around to stitching together from 6 frames. I had planned to spend only about an hour on top but it was a nice day and I met some neat people including a fellow who was doing an insect survey. We had quite a chat and he pointed out a Luna Moth that was on the window sash of the summit building. I ended up spending considerable time photographing that moth. It was a very patient subject. You'd like to see the moth too? Here it is...

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  1. Thanks for the lovely shot of the creature I consider to be near the top of the 'world's most beautiful' list.