Monday, November 19, 2007

Craft Fair

Yesterday I 'did' the Saranac Lake Craft Fair. It was a pretty good day. If I count only the booth fee & gas money to get there I came out in the black. If I added the expense of producing the photos I'm sure I was in the red again so we won't go there.

I met several interesting folks with interesting stories. In the booth next to me was a couple with wood & stained glass boxes. The husband, it turns out is the industrial arts teacher in the Potsdam school district and remembered Ian. One woman was the daughter of the family that owned McCollums Cabins where Diane & I stayed on our honeymoon. One fellow was a retired DEC resource manager who spent his career wandering the northern ADKs and recognized almost every location I'd taken my photos without my telling him. And then there was a friend of my friend Jim who turned out to be my brother's next door neighbor. An interesting day.

I got home around quarter past 5 to a beef stroganoff dinner. That has become my traditional birthday meal and Diane outdid herself on last night's batch. It was clearly the best ever.

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