Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Women in Religion (Irony Revisited)

It seems that the Catholics heirarchy aren't the only misogynists. The 1st Baptist church in Watertown, NY has booted a Sunday School teacher of 53 years on the basis that the Bible prohibits women from teaching men. The irony here is that my mother was a member of that very same church when she lived in Watertown. She later spent over 25 years as a Christian minister (Methodist), serving 10 churches in 4 parishes across the North Country.

Aside from the irony I can only observe that Mr. LeBouef (I can't bring myself to dignify someone that ignorant of his religion with the title "Reverend") needs to study the history of the Bible and his religion. For starters both 1st and 2nd Timothy (the source Mr. LeBoeuf quotes for his dismissal of Mrs. Lambert) are believed by many scholars to be later forgeries, attributed to Paul by their authors in order to lend authority to what they were saying. The content of those epistles, particularly in regard to the status of women, is in conflict with other writings of Paul that are of undisputed Pauline authorship. Add to that the facts that women have always been the backbone of most Christian churches plus the observations in my prior note (Daily Dose of Irony) and I find the level of bigotry by Mr. LeBoeuf to be incomprehensible.

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