Sunday, November 25, 2012

Goofing Off Again

I haven't been diligent about posting to the blog. I have excuses. I haven't been shooting a lot of photos, I've been working on genealogy... I could think of a few more, all true but none of that gets posts on a blog. For your delectation this post I will give you a pair of "industrial" images. The first (above) is a roadside sugar shack from 50-100 years past. What makes me sure it was a sugar shack is the roof vent arrangement, characteristic of even contemporary small maple syrup operations that are common around here. This particular structure is just down the road, around a corner and over the hill from our house and it is the sort of structure that appeals to me so you'll likely see more photos of it from time to time.

The second is a contemporary industrial scene in Endicott, NY where our daughter lives. We went there for Thanksgiving and I took a photography break one afternoon. The area has little to offer a landscape photographer who (like me) prefers wild places. On the other hand some of the industrial buildings are a modern counterpoint to the technology represented by the sugar shack.
In keeping with the subject matter I did some processing of the Sugar Shack in PostWorkShop3 to give it a look of texture and age. The modern industrial image was processed in Photoshop CS6 with an eye to keeping it clean and crisp. The venting systems are what attracted me to both, a link between the old and the new. The Sugar Shack was made with a Canon G11 and the modern industrial image with a Canon 7D.

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