Friday, February 10, 2012

A 'Mountain Afternoon'

When I go on a photo excursion to the Adirondacks it is usually a day trip starting in the morning and coming home after dark but yesterday I went for the afternoon and evening. There was an opening at BluSeed Studios that I wanted to attend because my brother's daughter has some work in the show.

Like here (North of the Park) there was little snow, more than we have but a fraction of what one would expect in the ADKs in February. The sky was totally clear making for very strong light that was good for photographing Whiteface and I spent some time photographing on Norman's Ridge. The farm fields up there were mostly bare but the snow on Whiteface's summit made it stand out nicely and the low winter sun made for good shadows that reveal the shape of the mountain slopes.

The show was very good. A cell phone photo of Rachel Bullard's portion of the show is below, a series of paper works incorporating drawn images and thread suspended in thin wood frames by threads. There was a watercolor of a buck with camouflage coloring and improbably large antlers. Presumably his antlers are so big because his coloring kept hunters from seeing him so he has outlived his cohorts. I missed getting that artist's name. I was also quite taken by the work of Krystal Stowe who uses stain (and paint?) to make drawings on Luan plywood that incorporate the grain of the wood into the drawing. There is lots more to see. If you will be in the Saranac Lake area in the next 3 weeks I recommend going to see the show.
Works on paper by Rachel Bullard
at BluSeed Studios, 24 Cedar St., Saranac Lake, NY

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