Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer Bounty

We have some volunteer black raspberry canes growing by the end of the driveway. Recently they have been providing me with topping for my breakfast cereal and this morning I took a couple of photos of the berries thinking I'd use that in my blog post. When I got back to the porch though Diane had put out some seed for the resident chipmunks and I shot a whole series of photos of 3 who took turns coming for seed. I had to be careful not to startle them and the resulting image had to be cropped significantly since the lens wouldn't zoom far enough. This is roughly half the frame, shot with a Canon G10 on autofocus, aperture priority.

I decided after posting the chipmunk with his (her?) bounty that I would post the berry photo too. The berries are ripening so fast I'm going to have to start freezing them because I can't use them as fast as I'm picking them.

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