Friday, June 25, 2010

While Riding My Bike

I went for a ride on my bicycle this afternoon. I got rained on slightly. Just a couple of sprinkles. That has become something of a family joke. Two summers ago it seemed like every time I went out to ride my bike I got caught in the rain. It rained on me the last time I went out so maybe the pattern is back this summer.

While riding out of town towards Southville I spotted this tractor parked along the road by a patch of woods. It's a cliche subject but I'm a sucker for anything red and I can always blame it on being a visual omnivore with a large appetite. :-) Anyway I went back later and shot several pictures of the tractor and digitally modified this one in Photoshop.

Addendum - Sat. June 26th:  I went for another bike ride and got rained on again.

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