Monday, June 21, 2010

A Nice Place to Eat Lunch

My first lean-to trip of 2010. Yes, I re-adopted "my" lean-to. I've decided to go for 20 years as an adopter. This one and 2 more will get me there. My friend John hiked in with me. We hiked past the lean-to itself to the camping area by the dam and ate lunch sitting atop the old rock dam enjoying this view of Marshall, the mountain peeking up in the center. The rock dam is remnant of lumbering in the 1800s. It was used to create a pond in the area we are looking across. They would put the logs onto the ice in the winter and when the stream was swollen with spring runoff they opened the dam to drive the logs down stream. Sitting on the dam today it is difficult to picture the mountainsides cleared of trees.

Mount Marshall is named for Robert Marshall, one of the Marshall brothers, the first to climb all 46 Adirondack summits then thought to be over four thousand feet. More modern measuring has revealed that 3 are a bit short of four thousand feet but the Adirondack 46ers still recognize and climb the original list established by the Marshalls. I am 46er #3232.

The clean up was easy, very little trash, none on the camping area by the dam. The lean-to is in approximately the same condition as last fall except the the shingles are getting a bit brittle and very mossy. There are no signs of leakage though. I need to go back next week to put a new register in it however. People have torn several pages out and only about 3 remain for entries.

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