Monday, April 05, 2010

Mystery No More

I planted my peas today. I have been finding crocus in places where I don't recall planting any and today I found 7 in the vegetable garden where I know I didn't plant any. At the same time the ones I did plant aren't coming up. I attribute it to our farmer chipmunks. Every year we have clumps of sunflowers, a dozen or more seeds in a tight cluster, pop up in odd places throughout the garden. The chipmunks gather up seeds beneath the feeders then dash off with their cheeks bulging to stash them. Apparently they are burying them in the garden. In past years this activity has been limited to sunflower seeds but now the crocus that I planted in the bed by the front gate are missing but there are crocus in the raised garden beds. As a further tip off, one of the relocated crocus was right next to a chipmunk burrow. I've marked them with bamboo stakes and after they've stopped blooming I'll move them back to the flower bed and scatter some moth balls around them. Moth balls deter rabbits. I'm hoping that will work for chipmunks too.

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