Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Only Flower I could Find

Okay, I'm there. Back in January I said I was enjoying winter but maybe by February that would change. Today I found myself longing to photograph something that wasn't white, covered in snow and ice. Maybe it was battling a head cold since last Thursday or maybe it was just that winter is getting old. I'll probably have a few more enjoyable winter days but if spring decided to arrive tomorrow (not likely) my heart would not be broken. Unfortunately my snow blower is broken so I have to play mechanic out in the cold tomorrow. To say I am a reluctant mechanic would be an understatement.

The photo is my wife's calender challenged Christmas Cactus. It is beginning a blooming cycle with just this one flower. In a few days the Clivia will be bloomed and I'll have more options if I have the urge to photograph flowers again.

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