Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snowshoeing the Stone Valley Trail

I've taken you to Stone Valley before, first in the spring to see Bloodroot blooms by the trailhead on the East side. I've even photographed this particular view before in autumn. Today I went snowshoeing on the West side of the river which, like most rivers in this area, flows North toward the St. Lawrence. I was surprised at how much the river was frozen and snowed over already this winter. I went downstream shooting as I went but shot the above photo on the return trip. I was first attracted to the white pine with the crooked top and came out of the woods onto the riverbank for a better view, Then I saw the water flowing out at the end of the open pool but it was too far right relative to the tree so I photographed them separately before moving along the shore upstream. When I reached this spot where I could see the open patches of river as it meandered toward me I knew I had found 'the spot'. Taken with a Canon G10 on aperture priority, 1/40th sec. f/8, RAW format.

It was a wonderful afternoon to be in the woods with fat snowflakes falling periodically and lots of unbroken snow. I spent part of the morning shoveling again but for some reason, despite the frequent need to clear the walk & drive plus colder than average temperatures, I find myself really enjoying winter so far. I'll probably tire of it by mid-February but for now I'm even enjoying the snowshoveling.

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