Wednesday, October 07, 2009

On The Way Home

Coming back from an errand in Jay, NY yesterday I did a bit of photography. Once again I'm posting two images. The first is a place I've been before and posted photos of before but I really like this shot so here we go again with the waterfall at the Wilmington Notch campground.

The second is also a place where I photograph frequently but I don't recall whether I've ever posted any to the blog from the Barnum Pond series. It is a place I have to go by coming home and it is often around sunset. Last night the pond was still and smooth as glass making for great reflections of the autumn color on the opposite shore and St. Regis Mt.

Addendum: If I have a special place in my heart for Barnum Pond, part of the connection is genetic. I have a photograph that my grandfather took of this same point of land just about 100 years ago. I can't help but think about grandpa whenever I stop there.

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