Saturday, October 03, 2009

Autumn Urgency

Fall color comes and goes quickly. If you want to see it and photograph it, you have to be there in the 1-2 week window that it peaks. I spent Thursday photographing in the Lake Placid/Wilmington area. The weather was changeable which is actually good for photography. I don't like a washout rain but occasional showers mixed with periods of sun mean that there are interesting skies. I'll post more from the 172 I took on Thursday over the next week (going back to take more photos next week too) but this one is actually 3 stitched together. Monument Falls isn't high but it is wide. I could have shot it with a wide angle lens bu that would have included more sky and foreground than I really wanted so I went with a stitched panorama instead.

Addendum: I got a note that the photo was not showing. I checked and it had disappeared for some inexplicable reason. In its place was a little grey box that I can't get rid of although I did re-download and insert the photo. Thanks for the heads up eArThworm.

Addendum to the addendum: Got rid of the box again thanks to a suggestion from eArThworm. I actually knew how to do that but was having a DUH! moment earlier.

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  1. hmmm...1st time one of your photos didn't "show" in the blog...just a little box thingie.