Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bicycling encounter

I went out for my bike ride this afternoon. Lately I've been riding a 21 mile route that is a loop within a loop over mostly country roads. On Tuesday I set a new personal best time of 77 minutes. That is slightly more than 16 mph average. :) Today I had a different experience. I was riding along through a reforestation area and saw something on the road ahead near a clearing. At first I thought it was a dog (there is a house near there) but as I drew closer I realized it was a doe. She had her back to me and I was downwind from her so she neither saw nor heard me coming. I waited until I was about 20 feet from her then said "you'd better move". She turned and looked at me then bounded into the woods. There was another doe just in the woods and the 2 of them disappeared into the forest together. I didn't set any speed records today but I'll probably remember today's ride longer than I remember Tuesday's.

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