Sunday, June 21, 2015

I'm still alive. I just haven't been posting.

I am at a crossroad in terms of where my photography is going from here. For years I have tried selling prints but that market is virtually dead, not that it was ever a booming business for me. I don't derive any income from this blog and while I am a photographer primarily because I love it, it is a costly pastime and I feel I either have to reduce the expense or find a better way to sell prints. And what am I going to do with the hundreds of prints that I have made for shows/exhibits that did not sell.

It is a common problem and I have read all the stuff I could find on the web, not to mention buying and reading books on marketing, yet I still have the problem of too many prints and too few buyers. Yes, I know about Barney Davey's site (and others). I'm not sure where I going from here photographically. The blog will most likely be less frequent and when I do post it will more photos and less writing Although I plan to follow this post with a review of Topaz new Impression software

In the meantime enjoy these photos of a unique church that my mother was pastor of back in the early to mid-'70s.  Although I haven't attended church since my youth (a long time ago) I am fascinated by the often unusual structures that religion has inspired and I enjoy photographing the more unique ones.

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