Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I took a hike yesterday and on the way out I sprained my right ankle. I'll be limping around on crutches for several days and have to do a follow up visit to the doctor next week. It was actually an awesome day. The weather was great and I had a great time up to the point where I hurt myself (klutziness strikes again). Unfortunately I was 2 miles in the woods when it happened and no one else was around so I had no choice but to walk out on it with help from a large stick. What would normally take me 30-40 minutes took over 2½ hours and then I drove home 80 miles before going to the ER. By then it was badly swollen but the x-rays showed nothing broken. That was a bit of luck. I just have to stay off it for a while, ice it a couple of times a day, etc. I got some good mushroom/fungus photos though. The one above is the best of the bunch. I used my G11. This group was growing on the side of a tree along the trail.


  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    A great shot of mushroom cluster. I love the way you look down and into the cluster at the same time. Wonderful colours and very nice graphics. Good that you didn't break anything during the hike

  2. Thanks. I was lucky not to break any bones. The group of mushrooms was actually growing up a crease in the side of the tree at the base. We have a lot of mushrooms and fungus this year because it has been unusually wet this summer. I have a set of mushroom/fungus photos on Flickr that I shot on earlier outings.

  3. Hoping for fast healing! (Love the photo)