Sunday, November 07, 2010

Artist's Open Studio Tour

The local arts council sponsors an open studio event every year and I took part this weekend. My "studio", the place I do my photography, is outdoors and my digital darkroom, where I massage my images to what I visualized using Lightroom and Photoshop is a very small room in the back of my house. The former is no place to display photos and the latter is too small to accommodate more than one other person so I borrowed space from the arts council in Old Snell Hall in Potsdam.

The space is available so I've decided to rent it as a place to do my matting and framing. It will also serve as a gallery for my work. No formal hours at this point, just if you happen to catch me there or make an appointment. Email is the best bet for reaching me to make an appointment, jim.bullard at (Use the symbol in place of the word "at" and of course, no spaces). Put "Studio Visit" in the subject line so that it doesn't go to my spam file. I will be doing future Open Studio events too.

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