Wednesday, September 01, 2010

A Mountain Day

I went canoeing today on the waters around Keese Mill, NY. I first headed toward Lower St. Regis Lake from the Keese Mill dam. When I got to the lake I decided to turn back since the wind had come up and paddling on a large body of water in wind is no fun. But there was a large rock just off shore and something told me to paddle around that rock before turning back. On the far side of the rock I found this feather floating on the surface of the lake. The wind made it hard to position myself to get a photo but I got this one after several tries.

Photographing from a canoe requires a photojournalist approach, shoot a lot and hope you get a few good ones. The problem is that you can't use a tripod so you may have movement from hand holding the camera, plus the canoe is moving and if you are photographing something on the water, it is probably moving too. Use the highest shutter speed you can and take lots of "insurance shots". I shot this with my Canon G10 which I had on a wrist strap (another recommended insurance). When not actually shooting the camera rode in a Pelican case (yet more insurance).

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