Friday, May 07, 2010

Mountain Pond Spring

On my trip into the Adirondacks yesterday I stopped by Mountain Pond, a favorite spot of mine all the way back to my high school days. I remember when there were camps on its shores. It was state land but back then people could lease sites from the state. They weren't supposed to build permanent camps so they would build cabins that had walls and floors with windows and doors but used a canvas roof. That made them a tent technically so they weren't violating the leases. A lot of people were very upset when the state changed the policy, canceled their leases to make private use of the public lands and they had to tear down their camps. Today there are only camp sites where you can set up a tent or park your camper and there are no "facilities", electric, water hookups and the like. There are a couple of privies but that's it. I've never camped there but I rarely go South into the mountains without stopping by and have found many good photographs like the one above on my repeated visits. No grand mountains or fabulous sunsets on glistening lakes. Just peaceful scenes of nature. Later in the summer there will be loons swimming and calling to one another. There will wildflowers on the shores. Sometimes that is enough.

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