Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Snow

We awoke to snow on the ground today. Not a lot, not covering the ground, but snow. The temperature remains at 33ยบ this afternoon and we had another snow flurry that is just ending (12:45 PM). Occasional snow flakes are still fluttering past my window. I'm sure my brother and my friends who live in the Adirondacks saw more snow. I heard the forecast for there was 3 inches. Snow is possible every month of the year in the Adirondacks. When climbing the 46 High Peaks I was in a mountaintop snow storm on June 1st. The photo is a Nanking Cherry bush by my front gate. A short time ago it was white & pink with flowers. Now the petals are on the ground and the white on the bush is all snow.

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