Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Different Rainbow Falls

I don't suppose it is unique to the Adirondacks but one can't help noticing that place names are repeated a lot here. I posted photos of a Rainbow Falls last year but that one is in the High Peaks near Lower Ausable Lake. This one is a short hike off the Tooley Pond Rd. in the North-western Adirondacks. More than one place with the same name is not unusual. I know of three "Owl's Head"s, several "Duck Hole"s and several more "Mud Holes". Perhaps the original namers weren't aware of the others.

This is not one of my better images despite it being a 3 layer manual blend of bracketed exposures. The light is very difficult here. The waterfall faces North and the deep channel below makes for very deep shadows. Perhaps because it is a challenge I keep going back and trying to get a really good image of this Rainbow Falls. This one is okay but not on my list of favorite images. I'll keep trying.

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