Sunday, May 02, 2010

In Flight Black & White

Yesterday I posted some new B&W images to Picasaweb (Link). They are photos taken from the plane while flying from Chicago to Syracuse when we returned from Texas. The plane windows were dirty as usual with streaks and spots. I've never had the good fortune to be on a commercial flight that had clean windows. At 24,000 feet the haze made the view flat and very blue but I could see some interesting patterns in the landscape so I shot a number of views. After loading them into the computer I used Lightroom and Photoshop to increase the contrast and reduce the detail in order to accentuate the patterns. I particularly liked the contrast between the organic forms of the landscape and the geometric  patterns imposed by humans. A lot of my photos are composed based  on patterns but I don't usually push them this far so that the pattern takes over. Most of the land forms are distinct enough that I was able to find them on Google Earth by following the flight path. The one above is on the Eastern side of Lake St. Clair.

Just a reminder that prints of my photos are for sale. I charge $35 plus postage for a nominal "X" by 9.75 inch print matted to 11X14. "X" varies with the aspect ration of the original and 9.75 inches is the long side whether vertical or horizontal. I don't usually sell framed prints by mail due to breakage potential. 11X14 is a standard frame size and is readily available. I can print larger sizes on request. If you want a larger print send me an email stating what image and size you'd like and whether or not you'd like it matted. I'll quote a price. For really big prints it might be more efficient to send them rolled in a tube and let you get them matted and framed locally but the choice is yours.

P.S. If you live in NY state I have to charge 7% sales tax. Personally I think art should be exempt like food but I don't make the rules.

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