Sunday, January 03, 2010

Bunches of Snow, More Snow, Piled higher & Deeper

I got my PhD today. We woke up to 7½" of new snow and 6ยบ F. I spent a couple of hours clearing the walks and driveway with shovel and snowblower then took the snowblower down to clear the pedestrian walk on the bridge. It is a county road which joins to town roads at the bridge but neither the county or the town seem to feel obliged to keep the walkway clear so it ends up being done by locals. I do it several times a winter but there have been times that it has been cleared before I got there so someone else (more than one someone?) pitches in. It is nice to have the walkway cleared because it is a one lane bridge (when they replaced the bridge a few years ago the highway folks proposed making it two lanes but we like it one lane) and I'd rather not walk in the roadway.

As if I hadn't had enough of snow I went snowshoeing on the trails in the Southville State Forest. Another snowshoer had been on part of the trails but I was breaking trail at least half of the time, sometimes in snow up to 16" deep. Tiring but fun. I got the photo above where the trail runs along the St. Regis River. This drift was along the shoreline and I liked the form with the contrasting reddish weeds sticking out of the snow. The snow BTW is forecast to continue through next Friday. I may get another PhD or two by week's end.

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  1. lovely shot. i like the minimal approach, too. and congrats on your PhD.