Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Watercolor Show & Moose River Rd.

On Thursday I went to Old Forge to see the Annual Watercolor Exhibition at the Arts Center. The show was great as usual. It continues through Oct. 4th and I recommend it if you can get down there. On the return trip I drove through the Moose River Plains again. The autumn color varied a lot from peak in some places to just starting in others. There was some excellent color around Wakely Dam where the photo above* was taken but I'd guess peak color in general will be in about a week. Unfortunately the forecast is for rain all week starting tomorrow (Sunday 9/27). Overcast is great light for autumn color but fall rain is often accompanied by wind which knocks the leaves down. I'd like to get out at least twice more (3-4 times would make me happier) before the leaves are down.

* View across the river above Wakely Dam with Buck Mt. on the horizon.

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