Friday, July 31, 2009

Where I Ate Lunch

Yesterday I went hiking. I walked the West River trail on the AMR property (Ausable Club). I hadn't been in there in over a decade and had forgotten how much uphill walking was involved. To make matters worse I decided to do a side trip to Cathedral Rocks. I'd never been there so, why not? I was tempted to bail at one point but I am a stubborn cuss and did the whole loop even though it was further and more climbing than I had bargained for.

My real goal was Rainbow Falls which is by the end of Lower Ausable Lake. Because I spent so much time photographing I arrived there about 2 hours later than my original plan but the photos, which I spent some time working on today were worth it. As the title of this post suggests the picture above is where I stopped for lunch. It is a waterfall on the appropriately named "Wedge Brook". Be sure to click on it for the larger view. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post one from Rainbow Falls.

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