Thursday, September 02, 2010

An Opportunity to "Have It All"...

... If you are an Adobe imaging junkie that is. David duChemin is having a drawing for the full Adobe Creative Suite on his blog. If that is something you aspire to, head on over to the Pixelated Image and check it out. David gets around more than I do, taking photos all over the world and he publishes some informative ebooks that are very inexpensive.

As long as I'm back here so early I'll toss another photo at y'all from yesterday's paddle. This one is from the Black Pond side of the road to the right after you enter Black Pond through the channel. It is an amazing sheet of moss that hangs over the rock at the pond's edge.

Another good blog (I follow it) is Guy Tal's. His is often philosophical. In yesterday's post he talks about the difficulty of expressing his intent in words. I know that feeling only too well. My hope is that my feelings toward my subject come through in the photos because, as the lyric in Cat Stevens' Foreigner Suite goes "There are no words that I can use, because the meanings are left for you to choose."

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