Sunday, September 05, 2010

St. Lawrence Seaway Day

I live near the St. Lawrence Seaway and in years past I hung out at the locks several times each summer watching ships go through. After 9/11 they moved the fences back so far it became a lot less fun and I haven't been there in 3 or 4 years. Our daughter is visiting and wanted to go so we went today. There was no traffic when we arrived but a tall ship was due at 2:15 so we went to a late lunch and then went back to Eisenhower Lock to wait, and wait. Finally we checked the schedule and the ships had been delayed. The tall ship was now due at 3:15. At 3:15 it was finally on the horizon so we waited again and got to see it enter the lock. The light unfortunately was behind the ship, glaring off the water and that made for difficult photography. I knew of an unofficial observation spot down river and we drove there next where I got this photo of the Europa from the Netherlands.

Later: A second photo of the Europa sailing away in more flattering light.

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