Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Spring At Last

Real spring at last. Until the first wildflowers emerge it is not spring. It is lingering winter. The first wildflower of the year around here is always Bloodroot, so called because if you pick it the sap from its stem is blood red. But you should never pick them because they are an endangered flower and easily killed. As for the past few years these photos were taken along the Stone Valley Trail  (East side) on the Colton end.

Bloodroot is an unusual flower having two stems, one with the leaf and another with the bloom. When they first come up the leaf is curled protectively around the flower bud, then the leaf opens followed by the bloom. The blooms don't last long and aren't very big, averaging a bit over an inch across when fully open. If you go in search of them remember to take only photographs and leave only footprints. Also be careful where you leave footprints. Remember that other flowers are trying to emerge from beneath the leaves covering the forest floor.

Although I like to photograph single flowers they are generally social like this group at the base of a tree.

Please do not repost without permission. To share these photos refer your friends to the URL for this page. Thank you and happy spring to all, at least in the northern hemisphere.


  1. Very nice shots, Jim. I've photographed them on the west side of the river, although that was several years ago. Did you encounter any black flies? They made an appearance here today...

  2. No black flies yet. We're still getting a lot of ladybugs in the house though.

  3. I enjoyed your post and observations on the coming of spring. But what got me to really think, was your odservation that flowers are generally social and your group image of the Bloodroot. I'm going to try and incorporate that thinking into my photography more often. Thanks.