Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Last Philly Post

This will round out my posts from our trip to Philadelphia for the annual flower show.  The photos in today's post are just general scenes that caught my eye in downtown Philly. Tourist shots if you will. I liked the geometry and contrast of old versus modern in the top photo. And who could resist a giant guitar?
The Gallery is set back from the street and there is a tree in the courtyard in front where there was flock of small birds. When a couple of them flew off they nearly ran into us.  
I spotted the "Hats Trimmed" sign while walking back to the convention center from Independence Park.
The last is a wall under the escalator in the conference center made of ceramic bowls, cups and spoons, the sort used in Chinese restaurants. The entire space under the escalator is filled like this, two wedge shaped walls and a rectangular one at the end. It is interesting but I can't help thinking the janitorial staff must hate it. I can't imagine what a pain it must be to keep dusted and I wonder how much stuff gets put into the bowls by people.

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