Sunday, April 14, 2013

Some mornings...

One of Diane's Clivia plants. The stalk of blooms is just emerging from the base. Those nubs in the "V" below the single bloom are other buds. The stalk will push the entire flower head upward and in a few days there will be 6-8 blooms above the leaves. Some chilly spring mornings I feel like this, wanting to emerge but still hesitating between the covers. I had another photo I considered posting today, one of the ice from the freezing rain we had on Friday but I felt this one was more hopeful. Given everyone's impatience with lingering winter I thought hopeful was the better choice.

Canon 7d using a monopod for enough steadiness to allow a smaller f/stop (f/11). Natural light on our livingroom windowsill. Processed in Lightroom 4 with some local sharpening and a border added in Photoshop CS6. Remember that if you click on the image you will see a larger version.

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