Friday, July 29, 2011

Shows, Human & Nature

I made a quick trip down to the Paul Smith's VIC this evening to see the opening of a juried art show I had entered two photos in. Both were accepted and it is quite a good show. If you will be in the area I recommend stopping by the VIC to have a look at it.

I disagreed with some of the juror's awards (as usual) in particular the Best of Show award. IM{not so}HO the very best entry was a pastel by Joyce Hansen, a view of an Adirondack woodland scene with dark forest and a large rock covered in moss. I'd have declared that one as Best in a nanosecond if I were the judge. The work that the judge did choose was a sunset photo with looming clouds over a shoreline that had dark rocks protruding from the water in the foreground. It is a good photo but (again IMO) there was better work there.

On the way home Mother Nature treated me to another show, the sunset seen above. My original intent was to post one of the two photos that I have in the art show but in this case Nature won Best of Show with its beautiful sunset. The photo was made with my new G11 and was inadvertently shot in JPG. The camera has a habit of resetting itself to JPG. I have to reread the manual to see why that is happening because I almost never shoot in JPG, at least not intentionally.


  1. Tom Lamb10:48 AM

    You are a very talented photographer, but you don't need me to tell you that. The two images of the barn are just outstanding. I've enjoyed the photos on your blog and well check back from time to time.

  2. I really enjoyed exploring your photography in your blog. I found a link to you from a comment you left at Guy Tal's blog. My wife and I love travelling through the Adirondacks every year. We start at Watertown and drive along Rte 3 to where ever we decide to stay for a few days. Actually we start from Oshawa, Canada. We always stop at Tupper Lake for lunch. I look forward to more of your wonderful photography.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm glad you enjoy the photos.

  4. Enjoying looking through your lenses!